Interactive Water Feature

Silverstar’s New Precinct To Feature Convenient Drop-Off Area and Interactive Water Feature For Children

The final stretch of Silverstar’s multi-million Rand development is currently underway; incorporating an interactive water feature for children to enjoy during the upcoming summer months, as well as an exclusive new entrance and drop-off area for its most frequent guests.

The entrance and drop-off area will be near the main front entrance of Silverstar and is a convenient addition to the property. It will provide easy access to the new entertainment zone and will include security, lift access and a staircase so that parents can rest assured that their children will be in a secure environment should they wish to drop them off to explore and enjoy the entertainment zone and restaurants.

The drop-off area features beautiful chandeliers and artwork and includes a longitudinal water feature that straddles a stone retaining wall. The feature will have a contemporary Strelitzia flower sculpture in the centre with lighting and will produce the calming sound of flowing water.

The Strelitzia, with its beautiful orange and blue crane like flowers, is being used extensively in the landscape around the new drop-off area. Erythrina (Coral trees) that have an abundance of beautiful red flowers and Fever trees which flaunt dramatic yellow bark will be the backdrop to this spectacular new entrance.

In the outdoor square, amongst the host of new restaurants, an interactive water feature will be one of the many new attractions to Silverstar.

The design has been well thought out and will include three circles of jets to align with the three circles of the Silverstar logo, and the bottom has been tiled with flamed granite to avoid slipping when children weave in and out of the water. The jets will also house LED lighting which will showcase breathtaking water spurting sequences that the whole family can enjoy.

“We’re introducing an interactive water feature within the outdoor square so that guests, young and old, can enjoy spending their leisure time outside whilst having a bit of fun together. The water jets will have a set sequence and we’re encouraging kids to invent their own games, jump over the jets and have loads of fun while getting wet,” says Shane Collinson, Director of Operations and Complex General Manager at Silverstar. “We really want this space to be spectacular, energetic and vibrant for our guests.”

Erythrina trees flow from Silverstar’s exterior landscape and into the outdoor square. Each of the fiery red trees have been beautifully dressed with glass lanterns in order to give a warm, welcoming and magical glow to the spectacular outdoor area, in preparation for the upcoming opening.

“There are so many final touches that have been underway during the last few months. We are definitely gearing up to welcome families to our new facilities, and we are excited for them to be able to experience all these wonderful new offerings first-hand,” says Collinson.

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