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Juan Boucher

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Wednesday, 1 March 2023


Wednesday, 1 March 2023

From: 19h00

Barnyard Theatre Silverstar

R230 Per Person

Live at Barnyard Silverstar

Juan Boucher At The Barnyard Theatre!!!

Juan Boucher is one of South Africa’s most popular artists for a reason. His music has the ability to drag you to the dance floor, his voice is abrasive like hundred-grain sandpaper over the sound of electric guitars and with his lyrics he poetically and sincerely shares his own life experience.

Juan has become known over the past twelve years for his ability to switch between upbeat dance music and catchy rock ballads, but through the different genres, the theme of love is constantly recalled. Through his music, Juan wears his heart on his sleeve and shares almost autobiographically stories of new love, disappointment and sometimes loss.

2021 was a big year for Boucher. He married his dream woman and will soon become a father. That’s why it feels fitting that Juan, who draws inspiration from his own life to write songs, decided to call his new album Hier Waar Ek Nou Is.

“Juan has always written about love. Sometimes noticeable other times not,” shares producer Tertius Human. “But he is married, and he has a child on the way and from my own experience your frame of reference for love suddenly changes. It’s a very harsh reality because you no longer live for yourself. I think that’s where he is now. He realizes that he no longer lives only for himself and you can hear it in the way he writes.’‘.

“We were looking for a new sound for Juan’s latest album. We listened to John Mayer’s Last Train Home. The way he combined the blues guitar with Synth and Dreamwave was very close to that 80’s The Cure type sound and we loved it. We just ran with it, and it felt comfortable and unforced to implement it,” says Human.

Juan’s Guitarist, Rudi Kleingeld was also involved in the production and wrote the guitar arrangements on the album. Fans will still feel Juan Boucher in the album, but it’s a new feeling. Here Where I Am Now is the culmination of the evolution Juan has gone through with his last three albums. It is mature and minimalist but still delivers a musical kick.

Catch him live at The Barnyard Theatre Silverstar!

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