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Poker has its origins in the beginning of the 16th century and has steadily gained popularity ever since. It has gone from being primarily a recreational activity confined to small groups of enthusiasts, to a widely popular spectator activity with international audiences and multi-million dollar tournament prizes.

The Aim of the Game

The aim of Raise ‘em Poker is not to beat the house or other players, but to bet on the strength of a hand formed from three cards which are dealt to you, and two community cards held by the Dealer, with the aim of obtaining a minimum of a pair of tens or better. 

The Raise ‘em Poker table seats up to seven players. There are three betting areas in front of each player, marked 1, 2 and A (Ante). To start the game, players place their initial bets in the Ante area.

Three cards are dealt face down to each of the players who placed a bet on the Ante with another two “community” cards being dealt face down in front of the dealer.

Before the dealer reveals the first of the community cards, you have the option to place another bet equal to the Ante on the area marked “1” in front of you. After the first community card is revealed, you may elect to place another bet equal to the Ante on the area marked “2.” Both raises are optional and you still remain in the game if you choose not to raise.

Once both community cards have been revealed, the dealer checks each player’s hand to see if it qualifies for payment. If the combination of your three cards and the two community cards give you a pair of tens or better, your Ante and raise bets combined will be paid as per the displayed pay table.

How To Play

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