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Bok van Blerk

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Thursday, 2 December 2021


Thursday, 2 December 2021


The Barnyard Theatre


“Hoor Ons”

15 years ago, Bok van Blerk released one of the biggest tracks in Afrikaans. The moment “Del La Rey” hit the sound waves, he had the whole country buzzing.
For Afrikaans people, it evoked a feeling of pride.
It has established Bok van Blerk as one of the biggest names in the South African entertainment world. To celebrate the big anniversary, Bok van Blerk decided to release a new track that tells who South Africans are today.

The track is called, “Dis Wie Ons Is”. This single was written by three very talented individuals, namely Christoph Kotze (Apple), Arnold Coleske and Bok van Blerk himself.
It is therefore safe to say that it will undoubtedly be a top hit. Bok van Blerk is a favorite among the Afrikaans audiences and is known for releasing massive single hits with a long lifespan.
“Dis Wie Ons Is” will be no different.

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