Ben Rodrigues

Saturday, 21 September 2024


Saturday, 21 September 2024

From: 19h00

Barnyard Theatre Silverstar

From: R290pp

The Rising Star Behind Tiktok’s Latest Musical Obsession, ‘Was It Real’


Ben Rodrigues, the rising South African artist, live at Silverstar Barnyard. Rodrigues is taking the music world by storm with his viral single “Was It Real.” The song, which has captured the hearts of millions on TikTok, is not only a testament to Rodrigues’ talent but also a deeply personal reflection on love, loss, and self-discovery.

Rodrigues was taken aback by the overwhelming response to the song on TikTok. “I was extremely shocked to get such a positive reaction to the first snippet I released,” he said. “The first week, I was in disbelief with how much attention it was getting. It actually made me wonder, was it real? (pun intended).”

The inspiration behind “Was It Real” stems from a failed ‘situationship’ Rodrigues experienced. Every lyric in the song is carefully crafted from true events, capturing the emotional rollercoaster of love and uncertainty. From late-night calls to cultural misunderstandings, “Was It Real” delves deep into the complexities of modern relationships. Rodrigues collaborated with producers Devon Murray and Aidin Nortje, who played instrumental roles in bringing the song to life. “From the first studio session, we instantly got along,” Rodrigues explained. “We knew we had a banger on our hands.”

The success of “Was It Real” on TikTok has been nothing short of astonishing for Rodrigues. “I was expecting there to be a few hate comments and maybe not too much engagement,” he said. “But from the first video, people have been insanely supportive, cheering me on, offering help and services.”

While Rodrigues may seem like an overnight sensation, his journey in music spans nearly a decade. From humble beginnings learning guitar to experimenting with different genres, Rodrigues has honed his craft to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide. When asked about his musical influences, Rodrigues cites artists like Will Linley, One Direction, Benson Boone, and Justin Bieber. However, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining his own unique style, which spans across various genres.

Looking ahead, Rodrigues is excited to continue sharing his music with the world. “They can expect the music to get better and better,” he said. “And most importantly, they can expect the unexpected. Like I always say… this is just the beginning.”

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